The Festival of Bones

The Festival of Bones

An urban fantasy pulp adventure epic about ancient manuscripts, zen illusionists, opera, murder, magic, and the alternate History of the World

The Festival of Bones begins with a manuscript and ends with a murder. Jude, a mysterious prodigy invites a professor of ancient literature and a former singer to a nightclub where he shows them a mysterious manuscript—the Prime Edda, which might have been used by the composer Richard Wagner in some sort of ritual related to his Ring Operas.

Jude found the manuscript in the Himalayas, along with proof of alternate histories of the world, histories that have overlapped with our own, causing things as we know them to shift and change. He believes that somehow, the stories in the Edda relate to a forthcoming inversion, which he wants to witness.

Together, they start to translate the work, but soon find themselves pursued by a number of parties all seeking to seize the Edda—and perhaps bring about the end of the world in the terrible Winter known as Ragnarok.

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    The Festival of Bones Reviews

  • Andrew

    Available for the first time in English, the first book in James Owen's Mythworld series feels very much of a piece with his Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series. (Only with a less unwield...

  • Jessika

    Here's a main character. He's a professor. Here's another main character. HE'S a professor. Here's the third main character. He's a magician/professor. They found a rare old book. The end. So much exp...

  • Travis

    This was a fairly good book. I liked it quite a bit. Not an original tale by any means, but told well enough to keep the reader interested, and wanting more when it's over. A decent read for a day or ...

  • shroom-boi

    Alright. This was probably by far the most boring book I've ever had the displeasure of reading, as was probably evident through my progress updates.Honestly, at least 70% of this read like they came ...

  • James Ronholm

    A little too zen for me to rate it any higher. An interesting and compelling read about a genius sociopath whose motivations are not completely revealed by the end of the book (there are four books af...

  • Frances

    Not grabbing me right now, may return to it....

  • Victoria Morris

    I've anticipated this series for a long while, having fallen in love with Mr. Owen's worlds while inside The Imaginarium Geographica. And he did NOT disappoint.This Urban Fantasy sets "Jude" along wit...

  • Peter Ravlich

    I really enjoyed the first two-thirds of this book, which offered an intriguing collection of characters and some fascinating narrative threads. The early reveals were similarly compelling, but the la...

  • Gints

    The Festival of Bones is the first book in a series I have no intention to read any more of. The story revolves around a couple of gifted university professors and the academic equivalent of Axe-cop. ...

  • CinnamonHopes

    Touching on Norse Mythology, Zen Buddhism, a library greater than Alexandria, and a dash of science, this novel came together surprisingly well. It begins reminiscently of a Douglass Adams novel, wher...