ARMOR (Armor of Light (LORE))

ARMOR (Armor of Light (LORE))


[Update to Version 1.1 on 16 Feb 2012]

This ebook is a collection of short stories and manuscripts that detail the various lore found in the Armor of Light and Camelot Prophecies series. It also provides accounts and back-stories to some of the personalities that the Heroes of Bretunia will encounter in their quests and adventures.
Specifically, this ebook contains:

The Lore of Celestial Beings
The Lore of Makidon
The Lore of the Galans
The Lore of the Knight-of-Light
Back-story of Morgan Le Fay

Geography and Personalities of Erets covering:
Talmissra – The Great Desert, Desert Nomads and the various tribes, Charama Rani, Sheja
Tarntora – Little Ampor, The Tomb of Five Wars, The Necromancers, Bedrith & Belras, Lentes and L’tata
Ivrantor – The Lost Empire, The Deathland Wastes, Acremandrius
Sheyke – Lord Edwy, Fergus

This ebook can serve as a Reference Guide to the adventures as recorded in the ‘Artifacts’ ebooks and can be read before-or-after the Armor of Light series. It can also be read independently like ‘campfire tales’. Either way, there should be enough diversity in this volume to offer you hours of enjoyment as you embark on the journey alongside the new heroes of Camelot… so enjoy!

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  • Gypsy Madden

    This is a collection of short stories as source material for an on-line Arthurian role playing game. Some of them were rather dry (didn't care much for the first couple of world building stories), but...