SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror

SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror

An anthology of military horror
When the going gets tough, the tough fight to the death in SNAFU.
(SNAFU – military slang for ‘Situation Normal – All F*cked Up)
Some contributors:
– James A Moore (A Jonathan Crowley novella)
– Greig Beck (A new novella)
– Weston Ochse (A new novella by the author of Seal Team 666)
– Jonathan Maberry (A Joe Ledger novella)

Along with eleven emerging and established writers.

Title:SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror
Edition Language:English
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    SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror Reviews

  • Frank Errington

    Review copyMy expectations were not that high for this anthology. Although, I love horror, in all it's many forms, I've never been that big a fan of the military story. Well, I needn't have worried at...

  • Geoff

    I won't rate this, as I am the publisher, but damn, there are some great stories in here....

  • Trevor

    Good book of short stories. The Greig Beck story was my personal favorite, like all of his work. I also liked the Jonathan Maberry, Joe Ledger adventure and will be finding his other books. Also enjoy...

  • Trike

    Little Johnny Jump-Up by Christine Morgan4 stars FantasyExcellent beginning for this collection, featuring a canon unit during the US Civil War. This is a terrific ghost story that zips right along. T...

  • Michael Parrish

    Disclaimer: I received a courtesy copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I went into SNAFU with high expectations and wasn't disappointed. I am a huge fan of all things Maberry and...

  • Stephen

    SNAFU is one of those special anthologies, where every story fits the mould. Each work has its own special hook or pull that keeps you reading and then wanting to read the next.The only story without ...

  • John Dennehy

    Cohesion Press has launched the primer anthology series for Military Horror/Science Fiction. The first book in the series was SNAFU, An Anthology of Military Horror. The book was a major success bring...

  • Pete Aldin

    Great fun. Absolute stand out reads for me were those belonging to Christine Morgan, Westone Ochse (loved this one!!!) and Greig Beck....

  • Arun Divakar

    The fear of the unknown is what horror as a genre has always chosen to exploit and this anthology takes those fears and puts it down in a military landscape. In other words, it unleashes these horrors...

  • Tarl

    Military horror.The term brings to mind a number of images and story ideas. Geoff Brown and Amanda J Spedding have brought together a varied mix of stories that cross a number of different genres and ...