Lore of the Light Bearers (Jack Book 2)
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Lore of the Light Bearers (Jack Book 2)


This is book two. When Sarah puts the world to rights, using her notepad, the last thing she was expecting was an evil entity to use her and create world wide havoc. Jack and his team have to come to her rescue, but does he really want to help? As Kia grows as a person, so does the danger that Jack puts her in. This book is full of magic, romans, vikings, medieval evils things and a lot of history and humour. This book is very thought provoking at times, yet still humourous.....maybe a little sarcastic, but it speaks the truth, but can you handle the truth? These books have a message. Don't be a twat!

Title:Lore of the Light Bearers (Jack Book 2)
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