Sita: Warrior of Mithila

Sita: Warrior of Mithila

India, 3400 BCE.

India is beset with divisions, resentment and poverty. The people hate their rulers. They despise their corrupt and selfish elite. Chaos is just one spark away. Outsiders exploit these divisions. Raavan, the demon king of Lanka, grows increasingly powerful, sinking his fangs deeper into the hapless Sapt Sindhu.

Two powerful tribes, the protectors of the divine land of India, decide that enough is enough. A saviour is needed. They begin their search.

An abandoned baby is found in a field. Protected by a vulture from a pack of murderous wolves. She is adopted by the ruler of Mithila, a powerless kingdom, ignored by all. Nobody believes this child will amount to much. But they are wrong.

For she is no ordinary girl. She is Sita.

Continue the epic journey with Amish’s latest: A thrilling adventure that chronicles the rise of an orphan, who became the prime minister. And then, a Goddess.

This is the second book in the Ram Chandra Series. A sequel that takes you back. Back before the beginning.

Title:Sita: Warrior of Mithila
Edition Language:English
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    Sita: Warrior of Mithila Reviews

  • Versha

    Okay, why did I even start this book in the first place? Because I got a free copy of this book and the cover was so tempting that I just thought of giving it a try. My Bad! Usually, I refrain from re...

  • Vikalp Trivedi

    I never liked Ramayan (or Ramcharitmanas). The main reason being the treatment of character of Sita . Though I have never read the original Ramayan , I have heard stories and read about Ramayan . Almo...

  • Aditi Dwivedi

    Not at all impressed with this story line and narration. I did the mistake of re-reading Scion of Ikshvaku before starting this one. Half the conversations, plots , narrations are exactly the same.. w...

  • Shreya Vaid

    Twisting the delicate fabric of an epic and then writing it down to suit the modern times is a tough task. But Amish Tripathi has always been brilliant in this genre. In his recent novel, Sita: Warrio...

  • Ashish Iyer

    What an amazing book. Waited so long for this book. As always book Amish's books are very interesting. Book started with a suspense which will be uncovered in Raavan (next book). I found this book bet...

  • Avinash

    "Below expectations" and that's not good at all as my expectations were already low after reading the first book of the series. I think the biggest drawback of this series is RAMAYANA itself. No... I ...

  • Avanthika

    If thinking out of box is an art, Amish is definitely Picasso of it.Entire India idolizes Sita, and women of India are reminded time and again to be pure, devoted and all-suffering like Sita.Amish's s...

  • Sudeep

    This is what happens when you write for money and without passion, and surrounded by Yes men. This is a lame attempt of an age old story trying to be retold to the pop culture of today. Amish trying d...

  • Vishnu Chevli

    Detailed review will follow shortly...

  • Rahul Khatri

    * Check-Out my Insta page, full of books, -> with the Speed of FGFA !!!After the long wait of 2 years, finally yesterday, "Sita - Warrior Of Mithila " was delivered...