The Foundation

The Foundation

Merv Pumpkinhead ain’t happy.
Sure, Merv Pumpkinhead doesn’t exactly radiate happy at the best of times, but now? Right now a bunch of blank-faced strangers from between realities are taking local jobs; foreign criminals are profiteering at the realm’s expense; and the VIPs seem more interested in themselves than getting back to the “good old days.”
The Dreaming used to be somewhere a vegetable-headed guy could be proud to call home, y’know?

 Fact is, Merv Pumpkinhead’s been pushed too far. It’s time for change. Right at the top.

Title:The Foundation
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    The Foundation Reviews

  • Monsour

    This issue is focus on our favorite pumpkinhead Merv, and boy his not happy. Dream shit is spreading all over the place and Lucien starting to trip his balls. His busy, his stressed out, and the boss ...

  • Tim Nowotny

    Basically you get a good overview of everything that‘s bad right now in the dreaming. I was nice to meet the characters again, but without dream their attempts of fixing things seemed so futile and ...

  • Christoph

    Im Gegensatz zu Lucien in Heft #1 haben wir nun Merv als „Erzähler“. Er richtet sich mit seinen Fragen und Teilerkenntnissen direkt an uns, die Leserschaft ...... dementsprechend wütend wirkt di...

  • Casey Anderson

    Enjoying this one the most maybe....

  • Nie

    Deuxième chapitre intéressant aussi, assez pour me donner envie de chercher les autres à la bibliothèque ...

  • Ida Torres

    Mervin isn’t really my favorite Dreaming character but this was pretty interesting as he tried to get answers for all the confusing things happening in their world. So I kinda felt like him....