In the Time We Lost

In the Time We Lost

The BRAND NEW NOVEL from Sunday Times bestselling author Carrie Hope Fletcher, coming October 2019.

'Reminded me so much of Cecelia Ahern' Ali McNamara
'Our go-to for spellbinding stories with a magical edge' Heat

Luna Lark used to love her name, but that was before people started saying it differently .

I'm so sorry, Luna.
Are you alright, Luna?
Everything will be okay, Luna.

Now Luna is taking back control by starting again in the most remote place she could find: Ondingside, a magical little town with barely a hundred and fifty people in the middle of nowhere important. She'll finally finish her latest novel, get herself back to normal, maybe even find love (and continue being a hopeless romantic).

But on her first night in Ondingside a freak July snow fall freezes the town. Snowed in, the town stands still. Can Luna break out of the monotony and do what she came to do?

Available to PRE-ORDER now in hardback and ebook!

Title:In the Time We Lost
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    In the Time We Lost Reviews

  • House of Books

    I didn't finish this book, I stopped at 75%.I have said this a thousand times , if you want to be called a writer you should put the work where your mouth is. Meaning: Work on your craft. All the time...

  • Georgina

    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. DO NOT COMPLAIN IF YOU KEEP READING AND RUIN THE BOOK FOR YOURSELF.Now, the synopsis of this book is just vague enough to skip the entire point of the novel, so let me g...

  • Mariana

    I don't know why I keep bothering with her books....

  • Karen Whittard

    In the past I have struggled a little bit in completely getting into a Carrie hope Fletcher book. But for some reason I clicked a bit more with this one more than her others. And found myself enjoying...

  • Andrea Tome

    I really, really, really wanted to like this book. I had given Carrie an opportunity with All That She Could See and, although it was ultimately a disappointment, I could see some room for improvement...

  • Tracey

    At one point I nearly gave up on this book when I thought it was just girl escapes to an isolated Scottish island to escape her sadness story which I suppose it was but the unusual element of the stor...

  • Shelly

    Omfffff I feel so torn writing this.The premise of this book, and Carrie's previous books, is strong. The town that time forgot, meets Groundhog Day and a dash of magical realism thrown in.But it's ex...

  • Megan Jones

    Luna doesn’t want pity, what she wants is a fresh start. Somewhere she can make headway on her next novel, mend her broken heart, and – most importantly – keep herself to herself. For that Luna ...

  • Julie

    I have such mixed feelings about this book!!I liked the beginning, it was a bit cliché but I could sense something promising, a love story full of plot twists and feelings. I also loved the setting, ...

  • Lorna

    Overall mixed views on this book. The characters had the potential to be exciting but they weren’t fully developed in terms of their pasts which would have given more purpose to the plot.The time lo...