Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby

Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby

Matthew Inman, Eisner Award-winning creator of The Oatmeal and #1 New York Times bestselling author of How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, presents a must-have collection of comics for cat lovers!

Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby is chockfull of comics about cats, babies, dogs, lasers, selfies, and pigeons!  This book contains a vast wealth of never-before-seen comics, including informative guides, such as:

How to comfortably sleep next to your cat
10 ways to befriend a misanthropic cat
How to hold a baby when you are not used to holding babies
A dog’s guide to walking a human being
How to cuddle like you mean it.
Includes a pull-out poster of:  How to tell if your cat thinks you’re not that big of a deal.


Title:Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby
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    Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby Reviews

  • da AL

    This really was a fun book that actually made me laugh!...

  • Sam Quixote

    Matthew Inman’s latest is a kind of follow-up to his brilliant book, How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, where he “amusingly” explains why he thinks cats are more impressive than ba...

  • Mindi

    Let's get into some real talk in the middle of a review for a comedy book, shall we? I wanted to see exactly how many of Inman's books I own, so I pulled up the list, I own 5 of them. And weirdly, eve...

  • Donna

    Illustrations of the many, many ways cats are superior to babiesI'm giving this five stars because it made me laugh out loud several times - the belly deep, sucking in a surprised burst of air to guff...

  • Karly

    Long story short, great gag gift. And great little book to flip through if you want a laugh. There’s a certain humour to this book you have to understand. If you don’t you might not like this book...

  • Shelley

    This book is HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud the entire time while reading it! Definitely going to look into more of this author's work!...

  • Cupcakes & Machetes

    Guilty as charged. I bought this as a birthday present for a cat-obsessed friend but when I realized I could read it without bending the pages/spine and making it obvious, I sat down with my coffee an...

  • Rod Brown

    Inman is certainly not breaking new ground here, but this is a nice mix of cat, dog, baby, and gross-out humor....

  • Cale

    By this point, you probably know if you like the Oatmeal's stuff or not. It's crass, inconsistent (in both quality of writing and art), and full of sometimes inventive profanity. It's also pretty funn...

  • Hannah Jane

    I don't have a baby or a cat but still think this is one of the funniest books ever. I can't imagine it getting any funnier, but if you have a cat and/or baby, it's possible you may never stop laughin...