The Marked and the Broken

The Marked and the Broken

My name is Vinna, and my magic is an asshole.

I mean, what else would you call it when it does whatever it wants, whenever it wants?

Now I have Enoch and his coven looking at me like I’m the one, and a bunch of pissed off Chosen.

I have no answers and no time to deal with this shit. Lachlan and Keegan managed to get themselves caught by Adriel, the big bad lamia who murders and hunts Sentinels.

Time is running out, and If my Chosen and I can’t get battle ready, then we’re destined to become more names on the list of the missing.

It’s time to meet the lamia who’s been coming for me my whole life. It’s time to do what no one else has been able to do. It’s time to cut the fucker’s head off.

Author’s Note: This is the third book in The Lost Sentinel Series and ends with a cliffhanger. This book is a medium burn reverse harem story, intended for ages 18 years and older. This story contains strong language, sex, and violence.

Title:The Marked and the Broken
Edition Language:English
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    The Marked and the Broken Reviews

  • Gaby?Me Myshelf and I?

    Dnf @ 31% This isn’t a review so much as an apology to the girls @ RHR who started reading this with me. I’m sorry I’m a big, fat flake. I blame the book, and the fact we have so many good new r...

  • Christy Bailey

    I need more!Ivy you have done it again! Book 3 has left me needing and wanting more! I cannot wait until November for the 4th and final book to be released! Vinna is one hardcore FMC. I love her and a...

  • Tiera McMillian

    3.5 stars. This book is just one of those RH stories where sometimes the smut is getting in the way of the storyline.. I mean not all the time. I mean lets be honest Torrez would never take away from ...

  • Jennifer

    Vinna and the gang are off to Belarus to try to save Lachlan from the evil clutches of Adriel, the lamia. While they come up with a plan, Vinna struggles to keep her harem from beating up Enoch's cove...

  • Princess J. Antoinette

    Dang on it!!! I really enjoyed this book! I seriously hope the author is writing book 4 of this series. Fingers crossed!Overall Rating:4* ~ A Very Good Read...

  • Daisy Delfin

    Pages: 301My rating (stars): 2.5Read other books from this author in the future: not sureFirst of all the ending would have been a good one for the series, but unluckily it is not the end of the story...

  • Heather Gilbert

    Amazing!I truly LOVE this series! Vin is everything I want to be when I grow up, though her journey is nothing short of horrific. Now, surrounded by her chosen (and a few spares she can’t explain) s...

  • Brandy

    DNF. The characters all blended together, no individuals had their own personality. It made it too difficult to remember who was who from previous books and unable to get into the story....

  • lauren

    Ok, but felt this was more of a filler readI liked this book, but only when we got to about 75-80%. So pretty much the ending, the rest really wasn't a book, lots of heat pulling between her legs, bei...

  • C

    4 stars. Vinna is definitely worth the investment of time and Ivy Asher is bringing it. I love how the guys have all become completely separate in my mind finally and how they each have a different re...