The Last Vessel

The Last Vessel

I thought that the hardest thing I would have to face this year would be Trial Month.

Gods, I was naïve.

My name is Luna Moon. Don’t ask me what I am, because complicated doesn’t even begin to cut it. I recently found out that
everything I knew to be true has been a lie.

Including who I am.

The goddesses and their chosen Guardians have been keeping a secret, and in the wrong hands, this secret would plunge our worlds into chaos.

We are the only thing that stands in the way of the realms’ greatest evil escaping his eternal prison.

Scratch that, I’M the only thing standing in his way.

Themis’ scales have tipped.

Nobody is safe.

Nothing is as it seems.

No one can be trusted.

***Author Note***
The Last Vessel is the first book in The Chronicles of Luna Moon series. This will not be your ordinary love story, for they are not your typical heroes. The Last Vessel is a medium-burn reverse harem intended for readers 18 years and over. It contains strong language, violence, and adult themes.

The series also contains overbearing, overprotective, Alpha males who will try anything to keep Luna safe...

I did say ‘try’, right?

Title:The Last Vessel
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    The Last Vessel Reviews

  • Al *the semi serial series skipper*

    This is just my luck. The one RH I actually enjoy is the one where none of the other books are out yet. I really loved this one. Luna was awesome. I wish there was more action though, it just seemed l...

  • bookbabereviews / brianna j.

    I am FLOORED.First of all, this was a debut novel by Winter Rose. And I am FLOORED. I think you all know by now that I am a very big reverse harem fan. After I read my first one I fell head over heels...

  • Emma

    Well this was fucking amazing. Gives me all the good vibes and i adore it reminds me in the best of ways of the lost sentinel series another RH with a badarse female. Fuck me i love RH especially awes...

  • Marie Mistry

    One of my big tests of how much I am into any RH is if I can remember the names of all the guys at the end... I'm happy to say that this time I definitely can! Luna and her guys are great, distinct pe...

  • Bee

    4.5 stars for this amazing story. This was definitely epic. So much was happening it's hard to fully explain. I can't say what's happening because I fully believe to enjoy this, you'll have to read i...

  • Ada

    The Last Vessel is one of those easily predictable books in this genre, in addition to that it weirdly discloses a lot of the chunky plot points without much of fun fare in the beginning chapters itse...

  • Helle Gade

    Holy f*ck woman, I'm totally on an adrenaline high from the last part in the book. I swear I'm grinning like a lunatic. You are f*cking awesome!!!!!!This book was brilliant and I devoured it in one go...

  • Natasja Hodgkinson

    Oh My Bloody GodThis is one of the most captivating stories I have read in a while!The story line, the world building and characters are all so detailed and perfect that it’s mind blowing! A definit...

  • Heather Endsley

    Luna Moon, abandoned at the door of the priestess at the Koray pack. She is not wolf, she’s raised to believe she is a worthless hybrid. She is the best at combat. She wants to join the league and b...

  • Sydney LeClere

    5 Ground Shaking StarsI absolutely love this work by Winter Rose. It was breath taking to experience! MAJOR SPOILERS. I am super sad that we haven’t seen Balhar rescued yet. He seemed steeped in des...