It's Not OK to Feel Blue (and other lies)

It's Not OK to Feel Blue (and other lies)

'This is the freshest, most honest collection of writings about mental health that I've read...searing wit, blinding passion, bleeding emotion and a fantastic, heroic, glorious refusal to lie down and take it' - Stephen Fry

'Reading this book made me feel more normal about the things I feel sometimes...It's a great book; however you're feeling, it'll help' - Ed Sheeran

'This is the book I needed when I was little. May this be a leap forward in the much needed conversation around mental health' - Jameela Jamil

Everyone has a mental health. So we asked:

What does yours mean to you?


Over 70 people have shared their stories. Powerful, funny, moving, this book is here to tell you:

It's OK.

With writing from:

Adam Kay - Alastair Campbell - Alexis Caught - Ben Platt - Bryony Gordon - Candice Carty-Williams - Charlie Mackesy - Charly Cox - Chidera Eggerue - Claire Stancliffe - Davina McCall - Dawn O'Porter - Elizabeth Day - Elizabeth Uviebinené - Ella Purnell - Emilia Clarke - Emma Thompson - Eve Delaney - Fearne Cotton - Gabby Edlin - Gemma Styles - GIRLI (Milly Toomey) - Grace Beverley - Hannah Witton - Honey Ross - Hussain Manawer - Jack Rooke - James Blake - Jamie Flook - Jamie Windust - Jessie Cave - Jo Irwin - Jonah Freud - Jonny Benjamin - Jordan Stephens - Kai-Isaiah Jamal - Kate Weinberg - Kelechi Okafor - Khalil Aldabbas - KUCHENGA - Lauren Mahon - Lena Dunham - Maggie Matic - Martha Lane Fox - Mathew Kollamkulam - Matt Haig - Megan Crabbe - Michael Kitching - Michelle Elman - Miranda Hart - Mitch Price - Mona Chalabi - Montana Brown - Nadia Craddock - Naomi Campbell - Poorna Bell - Poppy Jamie - Reggie Yates - Ripley Parker - Robert Kazandjian - Rosa Mercuriadis - Saba Asif - Sam Smith - Scarlett Curtis - Scarlett Moffatt - Scottee - Sharon Chalkin Feldstein - Shonagh Marie - Simon Amstell - Steve Ali - Tanya Byron - Travon Free - Yomi Adegoke - Yusuf Al Majarhi

Title:It's Not OK to Feel Blue (and other lies)
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    It's Not OK to Feel Blue (and other lies) Reviews

  • Christopher Kendle

    I’m going to try and keep how I feel about this book as brief as possible. Firstly, to Scarlett and every single person that has contributed to this collection, thank you from the bottom of my heart...

  • Kelly

    Powerful, thought-provoking. This isn't a book. This is 70+ people telling you it's ok to not be ok.On a good day it's a wonderful read, on a bad day it's a lifeline, this something everyone should re...

  • Katarina Szulenyiova

    “One day you’ll be sitting on a sofa and you’ll find yourself laughing; for a second it won’t hurt, for a second you will just be there, in that moment, and, for a second, life will feel OK....

  • Steph

    I want to (and probably will) read this all over again; I feel so seen and understood. Found the format very effective, I liked the contrast between poems, drawings, lists, stream of consciousness and...

  • Sarah

    This is a collection of 70 or so essays on mental health. It's a bit long, and honestly, by the end I was getting a bit bored of it and I skim read the last two hundred or so pages. But there were som...

  • Emma

    Not the book you want but the book you need! Thank you to Scarlett Curtis and all the contributors within this book for helping me see that I am not alone, that my feelings are valid and mostly that i...

  • Zosi

    A beautiful mix of drawings and songs and poems and stories that’s inspirational, life affirming, and ultimately says ‘we get it’. Best read in small doses so it can really sink in-and then read...

  • Beccy

    Soothed my soul and calmed my mind....

  • Lewis Hughes

    This was a very heavy yet a very necessary read. I'm so grateful that this book exists....

  • Rokiisun

    I will probably read this again or use for reference on my ‘bad days’. This is the kind of book I would have loved to have read growing up and whilst the message is clear, ‘It’s okay to not fe...