Slaying Monsters for the Feeble

Slaying Monsters for the Feeble

I'm bound to a demon.

For my entire life, I avoided magic at all costs. Now, I'm responsible for a demon who wields magic more powerful than the toughest mage or sorcerer.

Demons are evil.

That's what my textbooks say. That's what I see. He's ruthless, he's temperamental, he's cold. But he protects me without fail. I wonder if he's hiding a heart behind his hostility.

My demon is a monster.

Whether he's heartless or not, my contract with him is illegal and beyond dangerous. Together, we must find a way to return him to his own world before anyone discovers our secret. If that wasn't bad enough, I've come to realize something else:

My demon isn't the only monster I should be worried about.

From the author of The Guild Codex: Spellbound comes a new series that will plunge an unprepared young woman into the darkest magic of the mythic world.

Taming Demons for Beginners (#1)
Slaying Monsters for the Feeble (#2)

Title:Slaying Monsters for the Feeble
Edition Language:English
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    Slaying Monsters for the Feeble Reviews

  • Ashley

    Star Rating: —> 5 [gleaming] STARS!!!(Nov. 4th, 2019- ADDED MORE REVIEW BELOW! Take a look, if ya feel like lookin’ thank youssss)I’M FRICKIN FREAKING OUT RN![Here’s a blurb from my “review...

  • ?Rachelle?

    5 demony starsThis book...Seriously though. I think I'm liking this series even more than The Guild Codex. I LOVE Robin, and her personality is so #relatable. But what I enjoy the most is the relation...

  • mith

    I've avoided writing a review for this book because it makes me sad. I liked it a lot and it makes me so SAD.Slaying Monsters is lowkey compared to its sister series, but it's also so much more intens...

  • Jacob

    Buckle. Up....

  • julia ? [owls reads]

    #1 Taming Demons for Beginners: *2 stars.*Apparently there’s this thing that happens with me and Annette Marie novels where I love the first installment of a new series and then think the sequel jus...

  • ~maheen~

    Hate it. Hate what Zora did at the end, honestly, to think I once admired that woman. *sneers*Kick ass for me Zylas will you?...

  • Penny

    OMG! This series has surpassed my adoration for Tori’s series, and I really love that one. Robin is growing in strength so much, and I love her interactions with Zylas. Is it wrong I think he’s ho...

  • AJ Cosgrove

    I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I don't even know what all to say. Robin and Zylas have the most complex, wonderful, intriguing relationship and I could read hundreds of books of their adventures and never get b...

  • SheLove2Read

    Phenomenal! I friggin' love this series! My heart was in my throat on almost every page. THIS is how you write urban fantasy. Aargh! I cannot believe I have to wait until April to read more!!! 5 stars...

  • Hilda

    “Hh’ainun instincts are stupid,” he added. “It is why you are all so easy to kill.” Ah, there was the insult. Somehow, I felt better. Zylas being patient and considerate was just weird.We ge...