Sword and Sorceress II

Sword and Sorceress II

What better guide could there be through the realms of witchery and wonder, of combat and danger, of romance and magic than the hand and mind of Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of best-sellers CITY OF SORCERY, THENDARA HOUSE and MISTS OF AVALON? So come with her now through the second convocation of swordswomen and spellbinders.
Here you will meet dragons and goddesses. Here you will venture forth with priestesses and assassins. Here be unicorns and mythical beasts of darkness.
Here is adventure!

Fifteen original tales by such writers as C.J. Cherryh, Diana Paxson, Phyllis Ann Karr, Charles Saunders, Jennifer Roberson, and more, selected and introduced by the Wise Woman of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley herself.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress series has always featured the best in contemporary women's fantasy, and this outstanding new volume carries on the tradition! These original stories of brave, talented, and heroic women will take readers through enchanted realms of the imagination into danger both physical and mystical, where the only way to survive is through the power of sword and spell.

Introduction · Marion Zimmer Bradley
A Night at Two Inns · Phyllis Ann Karr
The Red Guild · Rachel Pollack
Shadow Wood · Diana L. Paxson
Unicorn's Blood · Bruce D. Arthurs
The Unshadowed Land · C.J. Cherryh
Shimenege's Mask · Charles R. Saunders
The Black Tower · Stephen L. Burns
The Lady and the Tiger · Jennifer Roberson
Fireweb · Deborah Wheeler
Cold Blows the Wind [Angharad] · Charles de Lint
Sword of the Mother · Dana Kramer Rolls
Hunger · Russ Garrison
On First Looking into Bradley's Guidelines, or Stories I Don't Want to Read Either · Elizabeth Thompson
The Chosen Maiden · Raul Reyes
Red Pearls · Richard Corwin
Wound on the Moon · Vera Nazarian

Title:Sword and Sorceress II
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    Sword and Sorceress II Reviews

  • StarMan

    Adventure, creatures, wizards, witches, thieves, swordplay, love & loss, and some light humor. Three standout stories, one that was almost nonsensical, and the rest somewhere between adequate and good...

  • Wise_owl

    As is the case, it's always difficult to rate an anthology. Like all such, some stories I found boring, some engrossing, and some just fun. The Sword and the Sorceress series, which I have been readin...

  • Susan

    A Night at Two Inns • (1985) • novelette by Phyllis Ann KarrThe Red Guild • (1985) • novelette by Rachel PollackShadow Wood • [Shanna of Sharteyn] • (1985) • novelette by Diana L. Paxson...

  • Dana

    I'm not really sure how I missed reading this, but it was on my bookshelf and when I opened it, I turned out not to recognize any of the stories in it. I must have bought it and forgotten I hadn't act...

  • LunaSanguine

    Ich habe das Buch aus einem öffentlichen Bücherschrank mitgenommen, weil ich "Marion Zimmer Bradley" gelesen habe und die Avalon-Reihe als Kind ganz gerne mochte. Ich weiß ja nicht mal, ob mir ihre...

  • Kevin Knapp

    "Shimenege's Mask" by Charles R. Saunders, "The Black Tower" by Stephen Burns, "The Lady and the Tiger" by Jennifer Roberson, "Fireweed" by Deborah Wheeler and "The Wound in the Moon" by Vera Nazarian...

  • Sam

    MZB is an excellent editor and succeeds again with this collection of stories....

  • Aelvana

    It's an older collection, but the names in this volume of Sword and Sorceress are very much top-listed authors today. With stories by C. J. Cherryh, Jennifer Roberson, Charles de Lint, and more, there...

  • AliceAnn

    I remember that I read this anthology 30+ years ago and loved it. However, although I enjoyed some of the stories in this collection, most did not stand up well to the test of time....

  • Karen-Leigh

    Still a struggle, still not to my taste. One enjoyable to ten uninteresting. I read these books 30 years ago and liked them well enough to keep them and to continue buying them. I can only conclude th...